Friday, April 28, 2017


Hi Lacies!

Another Avi Starr is in the Lacy Sunshine Shoppe!

Avi Starr- Blossom Fairy

Perfect for Fairy Lovers... make sure you  add her to  your collection to  today! Visit the Lacy Sunshine shoppe now to add her to your collection.


Another  gorgeous floral inspiration today, this time it is from LS Colorist Jane who colored Rory's Hollyhocks beautifully.

Visit the Rory's April Showers May Flowers Collection© At the Lacy Sunshine Shoppe today to add this beauty to  your collection.


Hi Lacies.....

Starting off your day with a beautiful inspiration from LS Designer Anne featuring Blossom Dreamer.

To  add this adorable Blossom Dreamer to your collection  visit the Lacy Sunshine Shoppe today.  This Dreamer can  also be  found the Lacy Sunshine's Pretty Parcels and Sunshine Dreamers Coloring Book available on Amazon.

As always.... Color. Create. Dream and Believe... Lacy Sunshine.

Dragaisy Dragon Flower Pot Hatchling

Hello... RoRa is here for my inspiration post in April.. Today I want to showcase Dragaisy Dragon Flower Pot Hatchling .. the cutie which you can find here.. Colouring the cutie with copic marker..

I use colours as follows:
Green: G28 - YG17 - YG25 - YG03 - YG00 - Y00
Red: R27 - R14 - R22 - R20 - R00
Yellow: YR27 - YR23 - Y17 - Y11
Brown: E79 - E77 - E74 - E71

And here's my simple card..

Thank you so much for stopping by today.. and till the next post then.. cyaa..


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Throwback Thursday

Hi Lacies!

It's Throwback Thursday Lacy Sunshine style.  Enjoy these blasts from the past! All these characters  can be found in the Lacy Sunshine Shoppe!

Myrtle..A Sweet Urchin!



As always, Color. Create. Dream and Believe.... Lacy Sunshine.



One of my favorite flowers.  So elegant and  regal.

I have  26 orchid plant, from the minis to the spider orchids. 

There is something so truly magical about orchids. With my love of these beautiful blooms I created Rory's Orchids©. This is part of my Rory's April Showers May Flowers Collection.

Here is  Rory's Orchids colored beautifully by  LS Colorist Caroline W.
 Thank you Caroline  for this beauty.

Visit the Lacy Sunshine Shoppe to add this beauty  to your Rory Collection.

As always, Color. Create. Dream and Believe..... Lacy Sunshine.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Lily O. Sprite

Hi Lacies,

Another beautiful coloring to share with you today featuring Lily O Sprite from the Lacy Sunshine Enchanted Kingdom. This coloring is by LS Colorist Caroline W.

Thank you Caroline for  your beautiful coloring  on this adorable Sprite.

Make sure you visit the Lacy Sunshine shoppe to add this magical cutie to your Enchanted Kingdom.

As always Color. Create. Dream and Believe ..... Lacy Sunshine.


As we know April showers brings May flowers.

Here is Lacy Sunshine's beloved character Rory the Sweet Urchin© ... in a beautiful piece of art titled Rory's Lilacs, by artist Heather Valentin. 

Three Lacy Sunshine Colorists, the same Rory's Lilacs image, beautiful results. Great inspirations.  Wonderful colorings by, Karen, Tracy and Caroline.

Visit the Lacy Sunshine Shoppe to get the Rory's April Showers May Flowers Collection.


One image,  Lacy Sunshine's Angler Fish Carousel, 4 Colorists/Designers.  Isn't it fun to look at the various colors and creations.

Thank you LS Colorist and Designers Alicia, Kitty, Alma and Eja for your beautiful inspirations.

Visit the Lacy Sunshine Shoppe to add our carousels to your collection.

As always, Color. Create. Dream and Believe..... Lacy Sunshine.